Room-by-Room Instructions for Pet Proofing Your Home When You Move

Whether an old house or moving into a new house both requires proofing as per the pet owned. The pet owners know pretty well that the job of handling them is not an easy task especially when they are moved into a new environment. The comfort of an old and familiar home is different altogether.

The pups and kittens can enter all the possible spaces in the house and come out from the same, therefore a lot of vigilance is required of them. Having to move along with them can never be declared easy. The pet owners have to prove every room before getting a pet into the home. Even the plants in and around the house should be poison free to keep your pet safe to avoid any mistakes.

It is not only the house but its surroundings that can also act as a threat to a pet. The Removalists Randwick pay extra attention to the families moving in with a pet from the old house to the new house. They ensure the quality movement of goods to avoid any hazardous activity which may lead to trouble for the pet in the house. Keeping a pet might seem like a big task but if you abide by a few things you will never fail with it.

Tiny Objects

 This is something all the removalists can tell that having tiny objects around the house can be very risky. They might swallow and stick those little items in their throat. 


The kitchen in the family is the most important space in a home however for pets this place can be very dangerous due to sharp objects like knives and peelers. The best solution to this problem is to keep them stored in a higher place in the kitchen or under the lock.

A little bit of ignorance can lead to something big therefore be smart and quick while having pets in the house. An entrance blockage through a gate can make the plan successful and make it work. The look of the kitchen also gets enhanced with the help of a gate that works perfectly with a young one at home.

Specific room

 Just like the kids in the home need a specific place of their own the same way if the pets are provided with their own space to litter or mess they stay calmer. The continuous barking and chewing on all the things in the house becomes limited. The separation anxiety issue is also not felt if the dog sees the owner around.


The thought of having a pet can be very tempting but the movers have warned families about their pet’s new spaces for safety reasons. A dog or cat can be very mischievous and may end up playing with electric cords or sockets therefore keeping a full-time eye on them is just not practical. Anything hot like water or iron should be left under somebody’s supervision.


Just like human beings pets also require entertainment so taking out time to play with them is very important. If not then switching on the television and putting on a show about animals can keep them occupied for a while. The change in colour and contrast can make them happy and amazed which in return is beneficial for the pet owner.


The cameras have played a great role in keeping an eye on you when you are not around. The family can leave the dog or cat alone for some time with the help of surveillance gadgets. The safety is not compromised in such a way by looking into the camera.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms 

The laundry room consists of a lot of detergents which are full of chemicals and many other substances. Even a little drop on the floor will be licked by the pet hence it is important to abide by the access rule for pets in the bathroom or laundry room.

Living room

 The clients residing in colder regions have a fireplace installed in their common or living room. The dog must be completely trained as per Removalists Marrickville to live with such installations in the house otherwise a burn is not far away for the pet.


The garages and basements are the places where all the extra stuff is stored in a house and most of the dangerous stuff is a part of that place. The toolboxes and gardening tools are kept in this area for easy access but the dogs are most furious around such objects which in turn can be risky for them. So keeping them on higher shelves and racks is the most convenient option for safety reasons.


The fountains or pools outdoors must be one of the most relaxing places in your house but however your pets might fall into them mistakenly and drown. The movers have warned families with pets to have a place that is free from the pool or have a full-time caretaker of their pet while they are away for work commitments.


The fences around the house should not be barbed wires otherwise out of excitement they might try to jump and hurt them in the course. Having a regular fence is a good option to keep things danger free.The pet owners know pretty well that they require a lot of care, love, and time but most importantly a lot of attention.

All pets have different traits and habits therefore special attention to them should be given for a stress-free life. The animals can sense stress and moving a house is very stressful therefore leave the difficult part on to the shoulders of the movers and focus on the wellbeing of your furry ones. Occasional treats while moving with your pet can make them cheerful about the same and may not respond in terms of anxious behaviour.

The removalists guide their clients to pack the essentials of the pet in a separate carton which will go along with the individual’s essentials to avoid any late deliveries. Get a free quote on how to move along with a pet. They are no other than family members and should be treated like one.

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