How to Add More Lighting During House Renovation

house renovation with lighting

There are many ways to make your basement or interior bedroom brighter than it is by adding extra lighting options. This would accommodate the square meters available and the absence of natural light. You can transform any room with current lighting and a well-designed decoration.


Distribution and selection of wall lights and spotlights

There are many options when it comes to filling a space with light. We will explain which types of light beams and lamps are available to make your home stand out.

Sometimes, a room can be dark because it doesn’t have enough light points. They don’t all have to be turned on simultaneously, but it is important that they can create the atmosphere you desire at all times. Also, If you are in Orillia, Canada you may want to know about the best services for kitchen renovations Orillia.


Avoid dark corners

To achieve this, it is important to sketch to help you decide where to place the lamps. Consider the purpose of the room and how it will be decorated in the future.

If you have a dining area with two different environments in it, then you’ll need at least two sources of light to ensure that each area is equally lit. While you can turn off any one of the lights, there is no way to make your living space appear smaller than the other.

It is important to create a space that has a uniform light source that floods the room. You may need to place a floor lamp to lighten, for example, a reading area. Also, you might want to hang a wall sconce to highlight an area on a decorative level.



Spotlights are great for rooms that have limited light and/or space. The false ceiling can be used to conceal the spotlights and create the ambient light effect we desire.

Modern LED panels are a great option, especially in bathrooms that have little or no windows. They come in large sizes, which are great for hanging on the ceiling.

This gives the illusion of natural light entering through the panels. To give your bathroom the ambiance you desire, you can choose from either warm or cold light.

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Ideas for decorating to increase light in a space

The first step in making a dark room feel brighter is to find the right lighting. However, it’s important to consider the details of a room like this.

Any decorative elements you add to highlight the natural light you have, or the artificial light you have strategically placed will also help to make the room more visible.

Remember that are fewer rooms with low light. Avoid overcrowding it with heavy and bulky furniture, as they will take up space and reduce light.

Some tricks can also be helpful:

  • White is your best friend. It is not a good idea to “use” it as this color will reflect light and transform the space into something happier.
  • Do not have dark floors as they will block any attempts to increase light. Choose pale pink, beige, or camel ceramic tiles. If you go for wood, the lightest options, such as white poplar or white beech, are best.
  • Flowers and plants. These are the best ornaments you can use to decorate any corner, without adding light or overloading.
  • Avoid textiles A wall hanging, heavy curtains or a dark rug could also ruin your attempts to create a bright and open space.

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